"...actually I just wanted to fry myself a cutlet.“

I visit many different public places on. I stay there for an hour at a time, visiting the places several times to document the changes over time. Depending on the situation, conversations, interventions and actions arise there, which have one thing in common: I LISTEN. In addition to visiting real existing places, the concept is also transferred digitally. In the social media, rumors, worries and conspiracy theories about the corona virus circulate alongside facts. On the one hand, people are talking about the economic and social concerns at the moment, but on the other hand, conspiracy myths are also spreading unreflectively. I set up a new account on Instagram and researched over several months the impact of the current situation that the corona pandemic has on views of social, economic and political issues. The project is intended to collect thoughts that should result in a meta-picture of what I have heard, perceived and experienced in real and digital terms.

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